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12/21/11 11:55 am - discountorgies

Regrettably, the last time I posted in here was before I moved to Chicago two years ago. Well, I've been in Chicago and have had a few apartments along the way but this is the one I occupy right now with two of my friends and boyfriend. I love it. More pictures to follow. :)

8/26/09 02:54 pm - discountorgies - Small spaces

I'm moving into a studio apartment in Chicago soon and I was looking up pictures of small spaces - so I thought I'd share some of what I found in here, too.

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8/3/09 12:19 pm - discountorgies


7/22/09 02:13 pm - discountorgies

7/14/09 07:59 pm - discountorgies

I want this chair really badly.

7/13/09 01:46 pm - discountorgies

Hello everyone. Thank you for joining, those of you who have so soon! I encourage you guys to post in here, with anything at all relating to the topic. I'm sure it will get old quick if I am the only one posting. :P Invite your friends if you'd like. Let's get more people in here!

In other news,
I love the look of a white fireplace or in general, an all white room with pops of color here and there. It looks so crisp and clean.

7/12/09 04:59 pm - discountorgies

Such a cool idea. I've always wanted a chalkboard painted wall, but never would have thought about doing cabinets like this. I love it.

7/11/09 07:26 pm - discountorgies - Pretty homes!

7/10/09 10:09 am - discountorgies - First post!

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