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humble_abode's Journal

Show us your humble abode!
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A community for interior decorating and sharing your own space.

This is a place to share your ideas, questions, show off a purchase for your home that you got on clearance or at a yard sale, share pictures of your own room or someone else's interiors that inspired you, etc. Anyone is welcome to join!

Community Rules
these are pretty basic and typical.

1. Place large images behind a cut. One image out of the cut is acceptable, for a teaser (as long as it isn't huge and stretching out the entire page), anything more should be behind a cut.
2. Be kind to one another. If you do not like what someone has shared on here, there is no need to be rude about it. Likewise for any other situations. No drama & no fights, please.
3. Stay on topic! Questions are not looked down upon, so please ask - but don't ask if you should watch a certain movie or not. Stay relevant to the topic of discussion in this community, anything and everything having to do with interior decor and the like.
(This is with the exception within comments of the post, talk all you want in the comments! Make friends!)
If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, complaints - you can direct them to me at discountorgies.